Corporate Governance

Wolverine Worldwide believes that faultless adherence to corporate governance is the foundation for a healthy, profitable company. For this reason, we are committed to ensuring those in our management team and Board of Directors are held to the highest standards. However, adhering to accepted ethical standards and best practices, as well as formal laws, is just the beginning. We continuously strive to deliver the absolute best leadership for the sake of our company, our employees, and our shareholders around the world.

Below are the variables that impact our company’s commitment to creating and preserving a healthy, ethical business environment.

Restated Certificate of Incorporation
Amended and Restated By-Laws
Corporate Governance Guidelines (Including Director Independence Standards)
Code of Business Conduct
Financial and Accounting Code of Ethics
Financial, Accounting and Business Ethics Complaint Procedures
Wolverine World Wide, Inc. UK Tax Strategy

Board Committee Charters

Audit Committee Charter
Compensation and Human Capital Committee
Governance Committee


Stockholders and other interested parties may communicate with members of Wolverine’s Board through various links below, or by sending correspondence to the Board, a specific Board committee or a director (including the Lead Director) c/o Secretary, Wolverine Worldwide, Inc., 9341 Courtland Drive, N.E., Rockford, Michigan 49351.  The Secretary reviews all communications to determine whether the contents include a message to a specific director and will provide a summary and copies of all correspondence (other than solicitations for services, products or publications) to the applicable directors at each regularly scheduled meeting.  The Secretary will alert individual directors to items that warrant a prompt response from the individual director prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.  The Secretary will route items warranting prompt response, but not addressed to a specific director, to the applicable committee chairperson.  You may submit any suggestions, concerns or reports of misconduct at Wolverine or complaints or concerns regarding Wolverine’s financial statements and accounting, auditing, internal control and reporting practices on (anonymously, if desired) or by writing to the Audit Committee c/o the Secretary at the above address.  Below are the director communication links:

Management Team

View the Wolverine Worldwide Management Team here.