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Together we will build a better future from the ground up.

Wolverine Worldwide's Past

Our Past

When GA Krause laced up the very first pair of Wolverine boots in 1883 he knew the possibility of opportunity. That opportunity was to make the world a better place through community, innovation, craftsmanship, and unyielding dedication to consumers, every step of the way. Since 1901 when Krause first brought electricity to the riverside town of Rockford, Michigan, our journey has evolved into a diverse business model spanning 200 countries and territories around the world. Our community has become a global family and today we make a commitment to that family.

Wolverine Worldwide's Purpose

Our Purpose

We believe that social responsibility is a cause worth investing in. We are focused on improvement and will continue efforts to create lasting positive impact on our employees, our communities, and our planet. Together we will build a better future from the ground up.

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